Occasional Meanderings of a Documentary Maker

A Visit to San Quentin’s Death Row

posted Aug 22 2013 “They resented me for cheating death. It seemed like they had been looking forward to it. “ An investigative journalist  contacted me with the story of a man – lets call him K – who has been on Death Row in San Quentin prison in California for 29 years and who […]

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IN-DEPTH: RAVE Magazine interview – the making of ‘PINK FLOYD: THE STORY OF WISH YOU WERE HERE’

Talking to Denis Semchenko, Rave Magazine, Australia: Hi John – where are you right now? Hi Denis. I’m in New York, where I’m semi-permanently based. How does one shoot a Pink Floyd documentary? The simple answer to that question is you shoot it with a great Director of Photography who intuitively knows how to respond […]

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The Art of Documentary Editing


Ray Frawley 1950 – 2010. I was shocked to get a phone call in June that my friend Ray Frawley ,the film editor, had died of cancer. He had just reached his 60th birthday. Ray was the guiding hand behind the majority of my documentaries from 1991 until 2005. He was far too self-effacing to […]

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I just discovered this week from an online search that a Paris theatre had a screening of my Pink Floyd/Syd Barrett film in October last year. It was apparently part of an event organized to launch a new book about Syd by a French writer . The grouse : no one ever bothered to ask!! […]

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